Price estimate for your windows

Residential Windows

  • $6 per window pane for exterior cleaning only
  • $8 per window pane for exterior/interior cleaning

Our exterior/interior price includes the cleaning of all inside and outside surfaces, screens, tracks, and sills.

Additional & Specialty Services:

We also provide skylight cleaning, 3rd story window cleaning and the removal of hard water or paint for an additional fee. Our post construction cleaning rate is $10 per pane. 

Step  # 1

Count the number of panes in your windows.

Different windows contain different numbers of panes. Use the guide below to understand what we mean by “pane”.

Step  # 2

Multiply the total number of panes by 6.

This will provide you with a close estimate of your final price.

Step  # 3

Upon arrival, we will recount your panes and finalize your price before getting started.

After we are finished your window will look as good new.

What is a window pane?

Our Pane Counter

clean window, window washing

Single Casement or Fixed Window = 1 Pane

Double or Single Hung Window = 2 Panes

Window Cleaning

French Panes – We consider this window to contain an equivalent of = 2 Panes

I.E. 4 Squares = 1 Pane.

Slider Window or Door = 2 Panes

Window Cleaning

Storm Window or Egress Windows = 4 Panes

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