Can Ice Damage My Gutters?

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How Ice Affects the Gutters

Gutters are one of the most unappreciated elements of a home. They do so much yet get so little credit. Throughout the year, the gutters stand against all kinds of weather. Once we get to winter, they face one of the harsher weather elements: ice.

The gutters are responsible for draining water away from your home. As rainfall accumulates on the roof, gutters collect it, so it flows through your downspouts. During winter, water comes from the snow that accumulates on your roof, which needs to drain as it melts. However, there are always surprises. We know Colorado weather is ever-changing and that sometimes there will be ice thrown into the mix.

Ice dams on roofIce Is a Tricky Element

The thing about ice is that is doesn’t behave as regular running water does. Ice has a quality that allows it to expand as it gets below its freezing point and begins taking up more space than it did when it was just liquid water. That could potentially have a devastating effect on your gutters.

The most important thing for gutters this time of year is to be able to drain water properly. If the gutters are clogged rather than cleaned, they will likely hold on to the water overnight, which could potentially freeze and expand. If expansion happens, there can undoubtedly be negative results.

As water expands, it pushes on the sides of your gutters, which is likely to cause them to leak. As they leak into your home, the water that drains down your walls can also freeze and expand, causing damage to your construction. Gutter cleaning is essential to ensure the gutters perform correctly and keep your home damage-free.

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