How to Let More Natural Light in Your Home This Winter

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This time of year can be a little gloomy when there is not enough light coming through your windows.

Natural Light Is Good for Your Home

Natural light brightens up any home. It will not only make your home look beautiful, but natural light also offers a wide array of benefits. It’s good for your health, makes your home feel cozy and inviting, and can even help prevent seasonal affective disorder.

With all that cold and snow, winter can be a little grey. Sunlight is still out there, but it’s not always clear to see or feel because the sky is cloudy most of the time. So, what can you do to let more natural light into your home?

Window maintenance goes beyond just the glass.

Clean Your Windows

The number one thing that will allow more natural light to get into your home has clean windows. When dirt accumulates on your windows —both inside and outside— it blocks the sun from shining through. Frequent window cleanings (at least one) will prevent that as we head into the winter season.

Use Window Sheers

Curtains can also block the light. During the summer, blinds or blacklight curtains are excellent, mainly to prevent the intense glare of dawn from waking you up in the morning. During the winter, it’s best to swap them out for window sheers that will allow the natural light to shine through while still giving you a sense of privacy.

Lighten Up Your Walls

Dark walls will darken your home as they absorb the light rather than reflect it. If you’re interested in maximizing natural light in your home, changing up the color on your walls for something lighter is a great option.

Put in a Skylight

This project is more like a home improvement one, but adding a skylight will let lots of natural daylight shine into your home, which will not only make you increase your home’s curb appeal, it will also make your home more energy-efficient.

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