Can Unusual Weather Patterns Affect My Home?

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Changing Weather Patterns Can Take a Toll on Your Home

Autumn is a beautiful season, but if you’re in Colorado, you know the weather gets a little crazy around this time of year. That’s why they call it a transitional season. One day it’s still summer, and the next day it’s 60 degrees F and snowing. Unusual weather patterns, for sure.

With all these weather changes happening, it wouldn’t be crazy to wonder if your home can somehow be affected. Here are some of the effects unusual weather patterns can have on your Colorado home.

RainingToo Much Rain

If your gutters are clogged with dirt and debris that has accumulated over time, and then it rains excessively. Guess what’s going to happen? The most obvious thing is probably clogged gutters, and now we know why that happens. From mold growth to issues with your home’s foundation. It can also affect your landscaping, making your plants wither because of the excess water at the roots.

Too Much Heat or Drought

When it’s too hot outside, your home suffers too. A dry lawn is not the only side effect. Excessive heat can also cause cement surfaces to crack, like your walkway or driveway, and it could even cause your foundation to crack. When your walkway cracks, dirt and all sorts of debris can get trapped in it. Using pressure washing services can help you clean that. Most of the side effects of excessive heat are cosmetic.

Extremely Cold Temperatures

Two of the most common things that can happen to your home when the temperatures drop are ice dams and icicles and bursting pipes. Ice dams can loosen your gutters, tear shingles, and cause other damage to the roof area of your home. Proper insulation can help prevent these problems.


Although the weather can be crazy, there are things you can do to be one step ahead. Clean your gutters before the rain comes, work on your home’s insulation, if needed. Take care of the little things that will prevent you from spending major bucks on repair later. That can help keep your home in good condition.

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