Surfaces That Could Benefit from Pressure Washing

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Can I Pressure Wash It or Not?

Blasting away the gunk is the primary job of a pressure washer. Tough surfaces that absorb lots of dirt are great candidates for pressure washing as the stream of water will lift all of that right off. But it is easy to get carried away, and since the pressure washer is such a powerful tool, it is not suitable to use on all the surfaces you might consider “safe.”

So, when does it make sense to pressure wash a surface? Which surfaces are ok to try it on? Here are three surfaces that can take it and one that might be best to leave alone.


If you ever feel like your driveway or walkway is too dirty, that is one job for the pressure washer. Concrete is a sturdy surface that can withstand the power that comes blasting out of the pressure washer so you can trust that it won’t be damaged. You can clean it all or you can spot-clean stains if that’s all you need.

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The woods used to make decks are usually pretty sturdy. However, it is best to be fully aware of the type of wood your deck is made of before using the pressure washer on it, as it may require a change in pressure and affect how far from the surface the nozzle needs to be. Composite decks, however, stand against deep staining and can be cleaned by scrubbing it lightly, so they aren’t precisely pressure washing material.


Siding is a pressure washing favorite. You can pressure wash vinyl siding without being worried as it is a pliable material and will do ok against the pressure that comes from this machine. Fiber cement siding is also a good candidate, aluminum siding, on the other hand, is not the best as the pressure can cause dents. When pressure washing siding, you need to be extra careful not to leave any water trapped between the siding and the sheathing to prevent mold growth.


Some might think it’s a good idea to pressure wash their car; however, the same way aluminum siding is not a good candidate, neither is your car. The pressure that comes out of the washer can produce dents and damage your vehicle.


Pressure washing requires a certain amount of care to ensure maximum results without damage. Hiring a professional pressure washing service company is the best approach.


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