What If I Don’t Clean My Gutters?

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What Can Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

Ok. Cleaning gutters doesn’t exactly count as the world’s most exciting task. It is tedious, and most people consider it completely unnecessary. That might be the reason why most homeowners try to overlook it but truthfully, the only thing that comes out of doing that is damage.

shinglesRoof is Damaged

The very first thing you are likely to notice when you avoid gutter cleaning is that your roof starts showing signs of damage. If your gutters are clogged thanks to all the debris that has built up in there over time, water won’t be able to drain properly from your roof, causing shingles to become loose. If your shingles aren’t in place, water could seep into your home.

Foundation Weakens

When your gutters are in bad shape, they are unable to drive water away from your home. If all that water makes it down to the foundation, it can make it weak and cause it to shift or crack.

Basement Floods

Clogged gutters may lead to water accumulating around your home foundation, and it can eventually seep into your basement through the walls.

Ice Builds Up

Clean gutters are always important but even more critical around wintertime. With all that debris clogging your gutters, water can be caught in there, weighing them down, potentially freezing and creating ice dams. Frozen water is heavy and will likely cause your drains to start pulling away from your home.


Knowing that failing to clean your gutters is likely to cost you lots of money later on, would you still put it off? The most reasonable thing to do is book your appointment to have them cleaned, and give yourself some peace of mind that your home integrity is not at risk.

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