What If My Roof Is Leaking?

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Managing a Leaking Roof

One day everything seems fine and the next there is a puddle of water in your living room. Once the signs of damage are visible, the issue is possibly more prominent than you think. Preventing further damage comes down to how quickly and efficiently you take action to control the situation. Here are some of the steps you should take if your roof is leaking.

Shut Off Electrical Power

Before you do anything else, be sure to cut off the power to the room or other space in the house where the leak is. All electrical appliances near the leak should be unplugged and removed to prevent an electrical fire.

Move Furniture Out of the Way

Items that have become wet should be moved to a ventilated area where they can dry. Large items, like large pieces of furniture, are hard to move, so make sure you cover them with plastic sheeting, which will help prevent water damage.

These Are the Main Things Clogging Your GuttersFind a Way to Contain the Water

To prevent water from spreading and flooding an entire area of the house, place a container right under the leak. The size will vary depending on the leak. You could use a small Tupperware container or a saucepan for a small leak and up to large bucket or trash bin for a more significant leak. Regardless of the container’s material, you will always hear that annoying drip noise. You can combat it by placing a piece of cloth or an old t-shirt inside the container, which will help minimize the sound.

Call a Professional

A leak requires the attention of a pro to understand what is causing it. Act quickly to prevent damage from spreading. Maybe it’s a matter of taking care of a few loose shingles, or perhaps your gutters are not in great shape and need some cleaning. You will only know when a professional comes to check out what’s going on, so get in touch with the pros as soon as possible.


Regular roof inspections and gutter maintenance are key to prevent roof issues. After all, who has time to deal with that type of problems? ????

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