How to Prep Your Home for Winter

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Winter Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Great Condition

Seems like yesterday when we started celebrating summer, and somehow, fall is already here. Winter will come around before we know it and not only do we need to prepare for the coldest days of the year mentally, we also need to take care of some things around the house to ensure it is ready to greet the snowy season.

Separating your chores between the interior and the exterior ones will help you quickly break down what needs to get done. Here are some tips to help you prep your home for winter:

Interior Maintenance

Check on Your Insulation

Dealing with winter can be hard, but it could be even harder if on top of that you have to deal with creeping heating costs. Proper insulation will help you keep your energy bill under control.

Inspect Your Furnace

Another way to save on energy bills is to make sure your furnace is working as expected and replace the filter. Plus, knowing it works appropriately will give you peace of mind.

Examine Your Smoke Detectors

Be sure to go one by one and make sure they are working correctly. They are especially important this season since your heaters will always be on.

Install Storm Windows and Doors

Anyone who lives in an area vulnerable to storms, should replace their windows and doors before winter as a safety measure and to also keep your energy bill in check. As an alternative, you can apply weatherstripping where needed, and why not give your windows a good clean while you’re at it?

Exterior Maintenance

Examine Your Gutters and Roof

Check your roof for loose shingles or flashing around the seams. Gutter maintenance needs to be performed before winter comes. Can you imagine what will happen when it snows, or rains and your gutters are clogged with a bunch of leaves, dirt, and debris from all the months prior? Chaos is what will happen. Don’t risk it.

Get Rid of Dead Branches

The weight of snow can cause even those dead branches to snap and cause property damage. Check the trees around your property and remove them before it starts snowing.


Enjoy the fall while you prepare your home for winter.

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