It’s a Good Time to Freshen Up Your Roof

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Your Roof Needs Some TLC

Maintenance is the key to keeping your Colorado home looking as good as new. The roof is one of those parts of the house that can easily be neglected, especially since you’re not continually looking directly at it. However, it is one of the elements that need the most attention, as ignoring it can lead to very costly repairs later on.

Without proper maintenance, your roof can become dirty, dinged up and generally, look quite unappealing. That not only affects the look of your entire home, but it can also affect the curb appeal of your neighborhood, and you don’t want to be that neighbor. To ensure that your roof remains in good shape throughout the year, repairing damaged shingles is not the only things you will need to do.

Freshen Up Your Roof

Clean Your Gutters

Nothing quite like sagging gutters to make your home look like there’s no one there to care for it. Leaves, twigs, and dirt fall in your gutters and make them heavy, causing them to pull away from your roof. That will affect the aesthetics of your home exterior. Clogged gutters can cause endless problems, including shingle damage, floods, and problems with your foundation. Regular maintenance to keep your gutters free from all that stuff is the best way to go.

Wash Away the Dirt

So much dirt accumulates on your roof, and it can bring down the whole look of your home. The remedy? Pressure washing. This cleaning method is the best way to lift all that dirt and debris that builds up over time. The blast of hot water will also help clear away any mold or mildew that might have grown on your roof. Pressure washing is something that is best done by a team of professionals. Using the wrong setting or the improper technique could loosen shingles and cause damage to your roof.


Instead of adding another thing to your plate, why don’t you let the pros take care of this for you? Our team at TipTop Home Pros can give you a hand.

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