Don’t Forget to Clean Your Window Tracks

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Window Tracks Need Maintenance Too

Keeping the glass clean is essential, but there is more to windows than just glass. Window shades, for one, but today we’re going to focus on another significant part: window tracks.

Although window tracks are often neglected, they should be part of your window cleaning routine. It won’t take much more of your time, and it will keep your windows opening and closing properly. Wouldn’t you be mad at yourself if you end up having window problems just because you never cleaned your tracks? You don’t have to answer that. 😉

Dirt tends to accumulate in the nooks and crannies of your window tracks. If you clean them regularly, maintenance is easy. However, if you haven’t cleaned them in who knows how long, getting them clean will take a bit more effort.

Here are a few quick tips on how to clean your window tracks:

Window maintenance goes beyond just the glass.

Release the Dirt

Dirt that builds up in your window tracks can harden or stick to them if it’s not cleaned promptly. You will likely need a cleaning solution to break down all that dirt, but you can also create a cleaning solution of your own. First, cover your tracks with baking soda. Then, mix water, white vinegar, and dish soap and spray that solution over the baking soda on your tracks and allow it to rest about 5 minutes until it bubbles. The bubbles mean the dirt is being lifted off the tracks.

Give Them a Good Scrub

With a fine brush or even a toothbrush, you will need to scrub them thoroughly. Make sure you get into every corner and tight space.

Remove the Gunk with a Toothpick

Some residue might be leftover after brushing but don’t worry. You can still get it out. With the help of a trusty little toothpick, you can get into those tight spots to dig out the remaining dirt. Once you get that done, wipe down your window tracks with a wet cloth or a paper towel.


Professional window cleaning services are the best option to save you all that trouble and give you perfect results, but if you want to tackle this on your own, now you know what to do.

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