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How to Keep Mold at Bay

Mold is the enemy. It sounds harmless, but it isn’t. Wherever there is moisture, mold can grow, and once it’s in your home, it can cause all sorts of health issues, from sinus infections and headaches to respiratory problems. So, no; it’s not harmless.

Taking actions to prevent mold growth in your home is the best way you can make sure your family is not affected by it. Here are some tips to help you keep mold away out of your home:

These Are the Main Things Clogging Your GuttersKeep Your Bathroom Fresh

If there’s one room in the house that is constantly exposed to moisture and humidity, it’s the bathroom. Ventilation is critical to prevent mold from getting too comfortable and deciding to make the bathroom home. After showering or taking a bath, wipe your shower or bathtub, to avoid leaving humid spots in the bathroom.

Become Friends with Dehumidifiers

The best way to extract or minimize the moisture in your home is to use a dehumidifier. If you don’t have one, it is a good investment. It will keep the air flowing throughout the house to avoid moisture from getting trapped.

Freshen Up Upholstery and Fabrics

You would be surprised to know how much mold accumulates in fabrics when they are not clean. Cleaning fabric and upholstery is a great way to ensure that mold stays away from your home. Make it a weekly or monthly practice.

Keep a Close Eye on the Gutters

Dirty or uncared for gutters are mold magnets. Doing regular maintenance on your gutters to remove dirt and debris, like leaves, shingle grit, pine needles, among many other things. Just hire professional gutter cleaning service providers so you can forget all about it and let the professionals care for it.


A clean and dry home is the enemy of mold. 😉

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