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Do You Have Energy Efficient Windows at Home? Here’s How to Clean Them

Old windows can be high-maintenance, especially if there are wood frames involved. Energy-efficient windows are an excellent investment for many reasons, including the fact that they will make cleaning them less of a daunting and time-consuming task.

Since you invested in energy-efficient windows, it makes sense that you do what’s needed to make sure they stay in great condition, and cleaning them is a big part of that. Although keeping your new windows clean might not require as much effort as dealing with those old ones, there are still a few things involved to make sure they are cleaned properly.

man cleaning windowsClean the Screens

The screens are the easiest part to clean. With a soap brush, some mild soap and water, you are good to go. Just combine the soap with water and clean the screens with the brush. It will remove all the dirt that builds upon the screens. Just make sure you use a soft brush. Any abrasive type of brush can damage your screens.

Clean the Glass

Reach for a soft cloth. That will prevent scratches and help you clean the window properly. There are some excellent cleaning solutions out there, but you can also use water and soap. Whatever you do, don’t use power-washer hoses to clean your windows, as they can end up causing damage.

Clean Vinyl Frames

Yay for no wooden frames! Vinyl frames are so much easier to clean. They do require some TLC to get them looking sharp, as they should. There are certain precautions you need to have to prevent permanent damage, like avoiding acidic cleaners, as well as abrasive sponges, and cloths to avoid scratches.

Although energy-efficient windows are easier to clean, they still require investing some time to have them looking their best. Call the pros to do it for you and mark this off your list.


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