What to Do Before Window Cleaning Professionals Arrive

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Home Prep Work You Should Do Before Window Cleaners Arrive

Cleaning windows represents a lot of work, which is why it’s one of the tasks that homeowners tend to neglect the most. Window cleaning professionals can give you a break and make your life a little easier when it comes to achieving streak-free windows. It’s safer, saves you time, and gives you better quality cleaning.

Once you’ve hired help, there are still a few things you will need to take care of before the pros arrive to get things done.

window cleaningGive Your Blinds Some TLC

Dust loves to accumulate on blinds. Clean windows and dirty blinds are not a good combo. As a best practice, you should take time to clean them and get all that dust off of them before the pros start working on your windows. This way, you’ll be able to start using your blinds right away after your windows are done, and not have to worry about dust coming off your blinds onto your spotless windows. Also, make sure you raise your blinds, all the way up, to allow the cleaning professionals to reach every single corner of your windows.

Get Fragile Items Out of the Way

Professional window cleaners are trained to treat your personal items with great care, but accidents can happen, even when you’re extra careful. To prevent any mishaps, be sure move all fragile items to another location before the cleaning crew gets there. It is also a great idea to move furniture away from your windows to allow for easy, hassle-free access. The easiest it is to reach your windows, the more efficient the whole cleaning process will be.


Just a little prep work will get everything ready for the window cleaning professionals to do the rest. Spotless windows are just a couple of steps away.

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