Will Pressure Washing Strip Away Paint?

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True or False: Pressure Washing Removes Paint

Many people wonder if pressure washing will remove paint. That could be a good thing, but it could also be a very bad thing. If you’re trying to clean your home siding or walls, you definitely do not want to wash off the paint, but if you spilled paint on concrete, like on your driveway, sidewalk or deck, you most certainly want to get that stain off.

It’s All About the Pressure

Whether pressure washing lifts off the paint or not, depends on what your goal is and how you approach the cleaning method. If you are intentionally trying to get rid of flaking paint on a wall or a paint stain on your driveway, you need more pressure. If your goal is only to clean your siding or roof, less pressure is required, or else you will definitely be investing in new paint.

Professional Pressure Washing Services Are the Way to Go

Pressure washing is something that should be handled with care. Many people have pressure washers at home but don’t quite know how to handle them, and that is how accidents happen. Without a proper understanding of how to handle this powerful machine, you can quickly end up removing the layer of paint.

As long as you’re following prescribed directions and safety precautions, a pressure washer shouldn’t be a hazard, however, without proper knowledge on how to approach specific tasks with this machine, it can be very ineffective and give you a completely undesired outcome.

Our Recommendation

When you’re planning on taking on such important tasks that can indeed affect the look of your home, save yourself the time, effort and the unnecessary problems, and get help from professionals in your area that know precisely how to get the job done. You’ll get better results and fewer headaches, because who needs all that negativity? There’s nothing but great results and happy faces when you call the pros.

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