Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips for Colorado Homeowners

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It’s Time to Clean Your Gutters!

Spring is here! Yay for that. Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning out kitchen cabinets and organizing things around the house. Now that temperatures are rising a bit and trees and flowers are blooming, it is time to check on your gutters. You’d be surprised how much gunk you can find clogging your gutters this time of year.

Ladder Safety

Practice Ladder Safety

Being safe on the ladder is the most important thing. This chore requires some precaution. Make sure you use a sturdy ladder and avoid getting up there when it’s windy out.

Scoop Out Before You Hose Down

Cleaning your gutters doesn’t mean you should hose them down the minute you get up on that ladder. Doing that will push all the debris down the downspouts, which are likely to get clogged up. First, make sure you scoop out all the debris with your tool of choice. Put a tarp down to keep your lawn from getting dirty, especially if it’s freshly landscaped. Once all that has been removed, you can hose the gutters in the direction of your downspouts to clean out what’s left.

Be Wise When Filling Up Your Bag

As you scoop out the debris from your gutters, toss it in a trash bag to make the cleanup easier. Just make sure you don’t fill the bag all the way up if the debris is wet or it will become super heavy. That will make it hard for you to bring it down the ladder or if you drop it, it could burst and make a mess everywhere.

The easiest way to get all that work done is to have someone else do it for you. That’s why professional cleaning companies, like TipTop Home Pros, exist. We can help you clean out your gutters this spring and any other time of the year. Just give us a call.

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