4 Tips for Safe Gutter Cleaning

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Stay Safe While Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning might seem like just another task taking up space on your to-do list, even more so when you realize it’s a recurring task, but a lot of people decide to tackle it anyway. More power to them!

The thing about cleaning gutters is that it can be a dangerous activity. You would be surprised to know how many homeowners take a trip to the emergency room after trying to clean their gutters. It might be a household task, but there is definitely danger involved.

If you’re determined to clean your gutters on your own, here are some safety tips which you might want to consider:

Stay Safe While Cleaning Your Gutters

Prevent accidents by taking the necessary gutter safety measures, or even better, call the pros.

Don’t Go at It Alone

Ideally, you should have someone help you out and hold the bottom of the ladder for you. You know, for stability purposes. If you don’t have someone that can assist you in that way, at the very least, make sure you let someone know you’ll be up there before you march on out and get on that ladder.

Make a Wise Ladder Selection

Safe, sturdy and strong is what you’re looking for. Also make sure your ladder has a smaller shelf that can hold a five-gallon bucket, which you’ll need to collect all the debris you’ll find up there.

Replace Your Ladder as You Go

Once you clean one spot, don’t attempt to overreach and keep the ladder in the same place. That’s just an accident waiting to happen. Instead, climb down the ladder and move to a new spot that will allow you to reach a new section of the gutter.

Analyze Your Surroundings

From the bottom of the ladder you might not realize your surroundings, but when you’re up there, you get a better view. Keep an eye out for power lines that may be around you. If you find damaged wires on your roof or near your gutters, do not attempt to repair them yourself. Call a licensed professional to take care of those things for you.


Even if you’re taking safety measures, there is always an risk associated with cleaning gutters. Hand this task over to gutter cleaning professionals, like TipTop Home Pros and keep yourself safe, while giving your gutter the attention needed.


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