Best Way to Clean Interior and Exterior Windows

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How to Clean Interior and Exterior Windows?

Dirty windows are underestimated, but they affect the look of your home more than you can imagine. Whether they get dirty because of weather conditions or other factors, it is essential to clean them regularly. Although the concept of cleaning interior or exterior windows might sound like the same thing, the process can be entirely different.

Interior Window Cleaning

Windows on the inside of the house are simpler to clean, not just because of their location but because they are not as exposed to dirt and debris as much as exterior windows. Most headaches come when the interior window cleaning has dust and water spots, that do require more time to clean.

Areas where windows are prone to get more handprints on them, like those in the garage or children’s rooms also require a more significant amount of effort, since handprints produced by grease or dirty hands will call for stronger cleaning substances, and might even need professional help to get them back to their shiny, original state.

How to Clean Interior and Exterior Windows

Exterior Window Cleaning

When the task at hand is cleaning exterior windows, things are a little different. These windows are not usually dirty just thanks to handprints or a little dust. There are usually stronger elements involved. Weather conditions can radically affect the cleanliness of your windows, going from snowy and wet to dusty and dry, which create the toughest dust and water marks. Not to mention, exterior windows will also deal with the smoke produced by vehicle combustion.

Exterior window cleaning requires strong cleaning products to get things done, so calling window cleaning professionals to help you out is the best approach, especially since you can run into unexpected things that complicate your cleaning tasks, like finding bee or hornet nests or window screens that keep you from getting the job done.

If you need to clean your windows, why not do interior and exterior at the same time? It may sound like a lot of work but it’s worth doing. Not only will you be able to check it off your to-do list, but it will also instantly give your home a fresher look. Let us take care of it for you. For professional window cleaning in the Denver area, contact TipTop Home Pros.

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