Protect Your Roof from Black Streaks, Lichens and Moss

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Regular Cleanings Help Protect Your Roof

Maybe you haven’t been on your roof lately but as time goes by, thanks to a variety of weather conditions, bacteria starts growing on your roof. Black streaking is a real problem and if it’s not treated quickly and properly, it can turn into a real headache.

What Are Those Black Streaks on My Roof?

You might be wondering —how did that get on my roof? When airborne bacteria falls from trees close to your home, they can land on your roof and this causes those unappealing black streaks. It starts small but it can grow significantly over time, particularly when there is high moisture. As it gets darker and more widespread, it means it’s causing more and more damage to your roof.

The sun can intervene and help kill the bacteria but if sunlight is not hitting your roof evenly, there will still be patches where it will grow and spread. This bacteria, called Gloeocapsa magma, is a form of algae and it sticks to asphalt shingles, digs into them and and feeds off of them, too. Oh, and it keeps on growing as it eats away your roof. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

Regular Cleanings Help Protect Your Roof

Roof damage can lead to high expenses. It’s best to tackle it early before it’s too late.

What About Lichens and Moss?

Ever seen those crust-like or leaf-like growths on walls, trees or rocks? Those are lichens and they are slow-growing plants that also like hanging out on your roof. They too, like moisture and rain, like those evil black streaks, which means that fall and winter are their favorite seasons. When there’s bacteria on your shingles, lichens grow their roots deep into them, and eventually pave the way for other things, like moss.

Moss is a lot denser and more harmful to your roof than the other two types of bacteria we discussed and if left untreated, it will wreak havoc on your roof.

Pressure Washing Prevents Further Damage

Your roof is incredibly important to the whole structure of your home. If something is wrong up there, it can create structural damages in the rest of your house and require you to spend crazy amounts of money to get things back to where they were. Pressure washing your roof is a great way to make sure you get rid of all that harmful bacteria. Need help? Get the pros to take care of things for you. Contact TipTop Home Pros today!


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