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How to Tidy Up Your Home Post-Construction?

Home renovations are exciting. It is the equivalent to an extreme makeover but for your home. Once the renovations are done, you can be left feeling overwhelmed by all the cleaning that needs to happen before your house feels like a home again. Don’t let those last few details get in the way of you enjoying your home’s latest upgrades. Here’s a list to help you tackle the most important things and tidy up your house in no time.

Wipe Down Ever Surface

Construction dust is like one of those guests that don’t want to leave after the party’s over. If you don’t take time to force it out, it will stay there forever, which is not advised, because construction dust can cause damage to all kinds of surfaces. So wipe down your walls, windows, baseboard, furniture, kitchen surfaces, everything. Catch the dust before it spreads out to every single corner of your home.

How to Tidy Up Your Home Post- ConstructionVacuum Your Furniture

Your upholstery will need some TLC post-construction. If you let that dust sit, it can damage the fibers and potentially ruin your furniture.

Clean Your Closets and Cabinets

You might not consider necessary cleaning in closed areas like your closet or inside your kitchen cabinets. The thing is that construction dust sneaks in and gets into every area, including closets and cabinets, even if their doors remained closed during your renovations.


Daily housekeeping is already time-consuming. If you could have someone else take care of specific post-construction tasks, would you? TipTop Home Pros can take over your window cleaning tasks for you, saving you time, energy and stress while providing you with top quality home services in the Denver Area. Let the pros handle it for you. Give us a call or request a free estimate today.

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