What to Avoid When Pressure Washing Your Garage Door?

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Pressure Washing Your Garage Door

Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do

Not every homeowner loves exterior cleaning, but if there’s one tool that seems to make it all better is the pressure washer. This wonderful machine is the best option when you’re trying to get rid of that tough grime and dirt that might build on the exterior of your home.

Garage doors are particularly complicated to keep clean. They have all those nooks and crannies where dirt gets trapped, and pressure washing them might seem like the perfect option to keep it clean but to accomplish good results, being careful is a must. Otherwise, you can end up damaging your garage door. If you’re planning on taking on this task yourself, here are 3 common mistakes you should avoid:

Choosing a Fine-Point Nozzle

Smaller nozzles push water out through a smaller hole, creating more pressure. This is great if you’re cleaning your driveway, but not so great when it’s something more delicate, like your garage door. Those nozzles can lift off paint, scar metal and even damage wood, so it is best to stick with nozzles with larger holes for this particular task.

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Neglecting the Power of Water Against Glass

Water that is pushed out with high pressure could easily crack the glass —or plexiglass— windows on your garage door. You can use the pressure washer on the rest of the garage door but the best way to clean those windows is by hand.

Pressure Washing a Wooden Garage Door

All that high-pressure water hitting your wooden garage door can cause it to splinter and produce scars, and if it’s painted, the pressure washer can strip off the paint. Although the damage might not be visible right away, it can cause more deterioration over time.


Cleaning your garage door with a pressure washer sounds like a good idea to make it look its best again, but the truth is that if not done carefully, you can cause more damage than gain benefits. The best way to do this is with the help of professionals. For professional pressure washing services, contact TipTop Home Pros today!

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