Cleaning Your Windows When It’s Cold Outside

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Winter Window Cleaning Tips

It’s beautiful to watch the snowy landscape through your windows, but to enjoy it, your windows need to be clean. Cleaning your windows in the rough winter weather is definitely not a walk in the park, but waiting for spring to clean them is not a great option, either. So, if you’re mentally preparing to head outside and get the grime off your windows during winter, here are some tips to help you get the job done:

Dress for the Occasion

Although this might seem obvious, the number one rule to cleaning windows in the winter is to make sure you dress warmly. You know the weather conditions outside are not going to make things easy for you, so be sure to get yourself some waterproof gloves, a pair of warm boots and a coat, at the very least, before you head outside. The right clothes will make this chore a lot easier on you.

Winter Window Cleaning Tips

Enjoy the beauty of winter through clean windows

Make Sure You Have the Equipment You Need

We all know what happens to water in freezing temperatures. To avoid covering your windows in a layer of ice, use a spray bottle with some warm water and windshield cleaner —you can make your own with two parts windshield fluid to one part water— this will keep the liquid from turning to ice so quickly. Make sure your water is warm, not hot. Pouring hot water on your cold windows will shock them and potentially cause them to break. Also, make sure you get a squeegee, some paper towels and microfibre cloths.

Dust Them Off

Before you start cleaning those windows left and right, make sure you get rid of the dust that covers them. If you clean right on top of that, you risk turning everything into a mess. So take a moment to wipe them down with a damp cloth before you get down to business.

Avoiding Cleaning Under the Sun

The beauty of the sun cannot be denied, but the tricky part about those rays of sunlight shining on your windows is that they can keep you from noticing spots that would otherwise be more obvious. To prevent you from wasting time and effort, choose an overcast day to clean your windows in winter.

Cleaning windows during winter is a chore that comes with rigorous preparations. Hiring a professional window cleaning service provider like TipTop Home Pros can save you a lot of time and effort while delivering awesome results! Request a free estimate today!

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