How to Safely Pressure Wash Flagstone Floors?

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Flagstone Pressure Washing Tips

If you want to restore the appearance of your flagstone floors, all you need is plain water and a pressure washer. However, there could be stubborn stains or dirt and grime that require more than water for removal. But before you embark on this task, there are important things you should keep in mind. Use the steps below to remove those impurities from your flagstone.

Clear the Way

Move any lawn furniture, plants, pots, umbrellas, and other decorations out of the way and put them in a safe place where water won’t reach them.

Applying the Detergent

Power Washing Your PatioUse a gentle environmentally friendly detergent. Cover your patio surface with the product or pour the product into the detergent chamber of your power washer. Begin spraying the affected area with pressure washer water immediately if you put detergent in the machine’s detergent chamber. Wait twenty minutes before spraying the flagstone surface with pressure washer water if you poured soap onto the patio.

Power Washing Your Patio and Walkways

With the stream of water from the machine pointing downward at an angle toward the surface, start using broad, sweeping motions. Work on the area by making back and forth movements in one direction and then another direction, until the entire area is cleaned.

As you can see, it is not as simple as putting the setting on full blast an inch away from the surface and start washing it. With flagstones and other rocks like slate, most of the work is done by the cleaning products and water you use.

Hire an Expert Pressure Washer Contractor

residential flagstone pressure washing servicesKeep your exterior areas looking brand new with regular power washing from the experts. TipTop Home Pros offers residential flagstone pressure washing services. We have affordable options for all your cleaning needs. Please call us at 720-507-7325 for more information or schedule your appointment here.

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