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Winter time can be a magical season, but when you’re unprepared, it can be rather unpleasant. Don’t let the cold catch your home off guard and deep clean the exterior before the winter sets in.

Prepping Your Home Exterior to Greet the Cold 

Everyone cares for the inside of their home as the coldest season arrives and besides regular maintenance to keep things tidy around the house. There is also all the work that goes into making it feel warm and look beautiful with all those winter decorations. The same attitude should apply to the outside of your home. Before the winter hits, be sure to take on the top exterior maintenance tasks:

Prepping Your Home's Exterior to Greet the ColdCheck on Your Gutters

All the beautiful, yellow, orange and red leaves we all love about the fall get stuck in your gutters and need to come out before it gets too cold, or by the time heavy rainstorms hit, clogging your drains. To prevent leakage and severe damage to your home’s foundation, gutter cleaning needs to be on your list as you prepare for the winter.

Clean Your Windows

The debris that accumulates on your windows can block up to 20% of the daylight you need inside the house, particularly during those grey winter days. When your windows are dirty, their ability to conduct heat decreases, meaning that you’ll have to turn up the heat to stay warm, which will take a toll on your electricity bill. Window cleaning is one of those things that will not only make your home look good; it will also save you money.

Pressure Wash Your Home

Mold, algae, mildew and moss love living on outdoor surfaces and winter is their favorite season, due to its damp weather. They don’t discriminate and can grow on concrete, vinyl, wood, stucco; you name it. They are responsible for your home’s exterior turning a little green toward the end of the winter.

By pressure washing your home before winter arrives, you prevent these unwanted agents from building back on your home’s surfaces, particularly on the outside, like the walls, driveway, and deck.  You’ll get rid of all the dirt and debris that’s accumulated on those surfaces while you’re at it.


At Tip Top Home Pros, we can help you winterize your home, so you can say ‘Hello!’ to the winter from a clean home.

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