Hard Water Spots: What Causes Them and Why They’re a Threat

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Dry water may seem harmless, but they can wreak havoc on your windows.

Why Should You Take Care of Those Hard Water Spots?

That sparkling quality is something everyone appreciates when it comes to windows. When they’re consistently clean, they can keep that beautiful shiny look, but there are certainly some elements you need to watch out for to make sure your windows remain in excellent condition. Hard water spots are one of those elements.

They may seem harmless. After all, it’s just dry water, right? Think again. Hard water spots are accumulations of water that has large amounts of minerals —such as magnesium, calcium, among others— in it. The ugly truth about them is that they can cause considerable damage to your windows. But, why does this happen?

Why You Should Take Care of Those Hard Water Spots

When we think of corrosion, we immediately think of metal. It turns out glass can also be damaged by corrosion because it is a porous material. Once a glass surface is damaged by corrosion, you will need to treat it chemically, grind it and polish it, or completely replace it.

Treating Hard Water Spots Before It’s Too Late

If you want to keep the pristine look of your windows, good window-keeping habits are essential, like making sure your sprinklers are not pointing to your windows. Most tap water is full of minerals, which can quickly cause hard water spots. Prevention goes a long way.

Of course, you will still need to make regular window cleaning a part of your routine. Nothing will do the trick better than professional window cleaning. At Tip Top Home Pros, we help you keep those window panes looking great and protect them from potential hard water spots. Check out our residential window cleaning prices or contact us for more information. Removal of hard water involves an additional fee.

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