How Much Should You Care for Your Skylight?

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Basics of Skylight Care

Skylights are a beautiful feature in any home. They let all that beautiful natural light in, and when it comes to maintenance, they don’t require much. The way they’re installed facilitates their cleaning, thanks to the rain. But the fact that they don’t require much cleaning doesn’t eliminate the need for maintenance.

In most cases, skylights are used as a way to improve daytime lighting and minimize energy usage. These are some of the skylight maintenance basics you should consider practicing:

The Basics of Skylight Care

Clean the Inside

Sure, the rain —in most cases— will clean the exterior but the interior still needs to be taken care of.  Dust on the inside can also compromise your skylight, and you know that it won’t allow the light to come in correctly. Brushing it every couple of months should be enough.

Don’t Allow Dirt to Accumulate on the Outside

In most newer homes or buildings, the way the skylight is installed will make it easy for rain to clean the outside, plus the material is more durable. In older buildings or homes, skylights are made with other types of materials that are not as durable. They might have been installed in such a way that debris, dust and other weather elements, like snow, will accumulate, turning them cloudy or opaque over time.

If Near the Ocean, Guard Your Skylight Against Salt

Homes that are near the ocean need protection against the corrosion that salt and sand can cause. Adding a protective layer of paint can help minimize the risk of corrosion. If your skylight’s finish is aluminum or steel, you should make sure to check it a couple of times a year.

Have a Balanced Maintenance Routine

Providing regular maintenance to your skylight is necessary to keep it in good condition but be sure not to overdo it or under do it. Using chemical cleaning solutions too often can eat into your skylights protective layer. Having a well-balanced maintenance routine is the trick.


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