Chores That Must Be on Your Home Fall Cleaning Checklist

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As leaves start to fall and days get shorter, we realize the year is coming to an end. Fall is a great time to revisit your deep-cleaning chores so that you can prepare for the winter.

3 Tasks That Should be On Your Cleaning Checklist This Fall

If spring cleaning is a thing, fall cleaning should be, too. Deep-cleaning chores shouldn’t be a once-a-year kind of thing. Not if you want to keep your home tidy and clean. The longer you go without doing these chores, the more work you’ll have the next time you do them. Since the weather is still beautiful, you could take advantage to update your cleaning checklist and make sure these three chores make it on there:

3 Chores That Should be On Your Cleaning Checklist This Fall Wash Your Windows

Autumn is a great time to clean your windows. Summer might be over, but it left a whole lot of dirt behind, and a lot of it accumulates on your windows. Glass is only pretty when it’s clean and if you love fall, having clean windows to enjoy the view of those colorful leaves during this season, is a great motivator. Do not just put this on your checklist, but check it off the list, too.

Organize Your Garage

Organizing the garage is a typical spring cleaning task. If it’s on your list, great! If it’s not, you need to add it. A messy garage does nothing for your or your homes well-being. It just piles on stress and decreases the appeal of your home. Plan and tackle this project this season. Divide it into mini tasks that you can do each week. By the time winter is here, you’ll have a clean and organized garage and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Clean Your Gutters

Your home gutters and downspouts should be a priority. Clogged gutters put your home foundation at risk. They could also lead to damages to your roof, siding and more. Gutter cleaning is incredibly essential. Prepare for the winter and make sure you clean out all of the debris in  your gutters.


Even if these are possibly no ones favorite chores, they need to be done. The good thing is that you don’t need to do it yourself. Leave these chores in the hands of professionals like TipTop Home Pros and get great results without having to sacrifice your time. Book your appointment today!


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