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Get Your Post Construction Cleaning Done

Renovation projects take time, but nothing is more exciting than seeing the final product. Once things are done, all you want to do is sit back and enjoy the changes in your space, however, it’s not all that easy. Home improvements projects come with an unwanted guest: construction dust.

The dust particles produced by construction work are pretty sneaky and easily get into every corner of your home. This dust sticks to fabric, walls, and all kinds of surfaces in your home, making everything look dated and dull. Your windows are also left in need of major care.

Get Your Post Construction Cleaning Done

During construction work, it’s not uncommon for windows to be left with paint, stucco, or silicone spots, or even plaster debris. Even the cleanest construction sites tend to have some sort of impact on your windows. To get them back to being crystal clear, you’ll need more than your regular home window cleaning products.

Let the Pros Get Rid of the Mess

To allow the light to shine in through your windows again, you’ll need special help. Why? Well, removing all the residues that might have been left on your windows require specialized tools, great attention to detail and lots of expertise.

This is not like regular window cleaning. The risk of damaging the glass is much higher, because of the coarse dust particles that are left after construction. This cleaning process requires a lot of care. Tempered glass, for example, is a type of material that is very sensitive to scratches. Careless cleaning can lead to major damage to your windows. Professional window cleaning is the best way to go to remove all residues and have your windows sparkle again. TipTop Home Pros can help. We offer top quality post construction cleaning services. Need a quote? Contact us today!



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