5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

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Break the Messy House Cycle with These Tips

Chores. Nobody likes them, but somebody’s gotta do them. Most of us get too overwhelmed just thinking about them and end up putting them off until everything kind of gets out of control. At Tip Top Home Pros, cleaning is what we do best, so, today, we’d love to give you some advice, so you can keep your home sparkling clean.

Clean Out Your Dishwasher First Thing in the Morning

What is worse than finding your dishwasher is completely stuffed by the time you’re done with dinner? Can’t think of anything. Five minutes is all you need to empty your dishwasher, so it will be ready to be loaded again after dinner. Turn your productive-mode on in the morning and get it done. It will make your life a lot easier.

Break the Messy House Cycle with These TipsSave Time by Doing Various Chores Simultaneously

If you plan your chores in a linear format, it will take you forever to complete them. Instead, plan to have several things happening at the same time. Gotta do laundry? Load the washing machine and while your clothes are being washed, you can vacuum, or clean out the fridge. Just put something in the oven? Let the oven do its thing and, in the meantime, change your sheets, or feed the dogs. Whatever works for you. Having a game plan will help get things done faster.

Deep Clean One Room at a Time

Most people will drag out certain chores that seem like a massive undertaking, instead try doing a few little things every now and then, to kind of get it going. If you have deep-cleaning projects in mind, like cleaning and organizing your garage or your guest room, try to take a day and focus just on that. At the end of the day, you’ll see tangible results, giving you a whole lot more satisfaction.

Clean Your Cooking Surfaces Everyday

Everyone, at some point, has thrown out a crusty, old microwave. That happens when you let the stains and drippings accumulate and ruin your appliances over time. To keep that from happening, make it a habit to wipe down those surfaces —oven, stove, microwave, countertops— every time you use them. It will seriously just take a second and will save you tons of time and even money, in the future.

Put Things in Their Place to Avoid the Clutter

There’s always a place in every home where stuff gets accumulated. You know, that chair that no one sits in because half your closet is on it, or that spare room no one can use because it is where you keep all your boxes and other things you will ‘eventually’ throw out or put away. Instead, try to put things in their place as soon as you are done with them. Hang your coat as soon as you get home, put your shoes away once you take them off, and throw out that box the moment you don’t need it anymore.


Tidying up your home can be a lot of work but with these tips, you can make it easier. Now, there will still be some big chores left, but for those, you can call Tip Top Home Pros. We specialize in window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. Everything you need to keep your home in tip-top condition. Contact us today!

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