What Substances Should Be Used To Clean Your Windows?

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A lot of home cleaners, when looking at their exterior and interior windows in Denver, tend to fall into the trap of thinking that one size fits all. This is a pretty understandable thing to do. After all, who wants to pay for multiple cleaners, or have to try and remember what cleaner matches with what before you get started? However, easy doesn’t always equal optimal. Here are some cleaners that you should consider paying extra attention to, whether you have a specific window to clean or have certain preferences.

Know Your Tools

exterior and interior windows in DenverAs a starter, let’s talk about a variety of homemade cleaners that you may be able to use. The benefits here start with the fact that you have complete control and knowledge on what’s going onto your windows. But what are the best options? Some of the standbys, like lemon juice and soap and water, are no slouch when it comes to cleaning your windows, but you may want to create something stronger when it comes to those rough streaks and stains. Rubbing alcohol is a good example. Combine this with ammonia and a cup of water, then after squirting it on, make sure that you clean it with a lint-free cloth or squeegee.

However, you may want to reevaluate some other classic window cleaning options. For example, many people cite newspapers as a good thing to clean windows with. While they can get the job done, there may be a few drawbacks. For example, the eco-conscious should know that a newspaper used in this way can’t be recycled.

Know When You Need Help

The thing about putting this knowledge to use is that it does little to change the fact that there may be roadblocks that keep you from finding the right materials. When it comes to bringing professional window cleaners in Colorado into the fold, though, suddenly, this issue disappears. Contact Tip Top Restoration today to learn more about our window cleaning services and how they contribute to the beauty of your home.

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