Give Your Roof a Makeover This Summer

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When’s the last time you gave your roof some TLC? Your shingles do more than just keep you and your home’s occupants safe and dry. Your roof sets the tone for the rest of your home and has a major influence on its curb appeal.

Your neighbors might consider your home to be an eyesore if your roof is dirty, dinged up, or otherwise in disrepair. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to give your home’s topper a boost. Home maintenance tasks like replacing damaged shingles, gutter cleaning, and giving the roof a blast of hot water are all excellent solutions for freshening up your home’s exterior.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

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Clear Away Built-Up Grime: Power washing is an easy way to give your roof a facelift. This cleaning method involves blasting hot water onto the surface and gutters. It’s an effective way to clear away the dirt, mold, and other debris that has been accumulating on your roof for the past few years. Just make sure to use a low setting, since too much force can loosen shingles or remove the granules that make them waterproof.

Clean Out the Gutters: Yes, gutter cleaning in Thornton is never an enviable chore. However, it’s another easy way to help your roof look its best. Homeowners should plan on clearing away leaves, fallen twigs, and other organic matter at least twice a year. Not only will this make your home look more put together, but it will also clear away clogs. This will help prevent shingle damage as well as flooding that can cause damage to your home’s foundation.

Give Damaged Areas Some TLC: Has a recent storm or fallen tree branch caused some of your shingles to break? Even a few missing shingles can make your home look drab and drag down its curb appeal. If you have shingles leftover from your last roof replacement, you should be able to make minor repairs yourself. Any major overhauls are best carried out by a reputable contractor.

Multitask to Beautify Your Home

While completing just one of these tips will instantly make your home look clean and polished, you can take your exterior to the next level by tackling more than one. Trust your roof makeover to pros like Tip Top Home Pros that can handle both gutter cleaning and power washing in Thornton.

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