5 Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

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Window cleaning might seem like a simple enough job, until you’ve had a go it yourself. That’s when many people realize that they’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

Cleaning your windows improperly can actually leave them looking dirtier than when you started.

Window Cleaning ServicesBelow, we explain the common ways this happens and what to avoid doing to your windows, if you’re attempting to clean them yourself.

Trying too much, too soon

Timing is an essential part of economical window cleaning. If you try to take clean too much, too soon before you get around to rinsing and polishing, you end up with soapy deposits, which look terrible.

Ultimately, you end up cleaning the same window twice, which wastes time and is very frustrating.

The lesson here is, take your time by cleaning small areas of a window at a time.

Using The Wrong Material

Believe it or not, there are special cloths and rags designed for window cleaning. If you use an unsuitable cloth, you can end up leaving fibers everywhere, making the window look dirtier! This will happen with almost all lint-based or fibrous cloths.

Incorrect scraper use

A scraper can make window cleaning easier, but only if you know how to handle it correctly. If you’re too heavy-handed with a scraper, you end up scratching the windows, which will cost a lot of money to repair. No wonder so many homeowners leave window cleaning to the professionals.

Cleaning windows on a hot summer’s day

If you clean your windows while the scorching sun is shining on them, you run the risk of the soapy water drying too fast, leaving unsightly smears on the windows. Clean your windows as the sun is setting to reduce the chances of this happening.

Physically over-stretching

If you’re messing about with ladders, there’s a serious risk of over-stretching and losing your balance. Most people hire trained professional window cleaners to clean windows they can’t access easily themselves, for their own safety.

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