Gutter Cleaning As A Key Part Of Roof Maintenance

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Gutter cleaning may seem like a minimal part of roof maintenance, but it can be the difference between your roof needing repair or being free from damage.

It’s common for debris to become lodged in a home’s gutters, especially in winter when there are a lot of strong winds, storms, and leaves falling from trees. The amount of damage that a few leaves and twigs in your gutter can ultimately do will surprise you.

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As such, gutter cleaning should form a key part of any regular roof maintenance schedule.

How can a dirty gutter damage your roof

If too much debris gets lodged in your gutters, it can prevent the smooth flow of water through them.

If this debris forms a dam, then the water can build up and ultimately leak into the sides or corners of your roof.

These are already the most vulnerable parts of your roof, especially if strong winds have blown up the edges of your shingles.

If a puddle of water, caused by a blocked gutter, begins to overflow and seep onto your roof, it can damage certain roof materials.

If gaps in your shingles have already been created by wind damage, the water can flow through the gaps causing a leak.

This is a key reason to ensure your gutters don’t become blocked. 

How often should I invest in gutter cleaning?

A professional gutter cleaning service can spare you the effort and danger of cleaning your own gutters, while also ensuring that your gutters are left completely free from debris.

It’s often recommended to invest in this service just before the winter months, as this is when new debris is most likely to get caught.

A fresh service as part of your spring cleaning is also recommended.

Contact Tip Top Restoration today to learn more about our residential gutter cleaning services and the value they bring to your home.

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