Why Is Your Gutter Clogging?

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Many people tend to get tunnel vision when dealing with exterior cleaning in Colorado. Who cares why something like clogged gutters is going on, when you can just figure out how to fix it? While one can understand why you feel that way, short-term thinking may end up costing you in the long run. Addressing root causes means you may only need to deal with an issue once, versus over and over. Here are some common examples of what exactly leads to clogged gutters in the first place.

Gutter OptionsWhere Gutters Go Wrong

The one single most common cause of clogged gutters is proximity to trees. Many people pick their homes with some sort of tree cover for aesthetic reasons, but this reasoning comes with a price. Leaves, needles, and other plant debris from trees tends to find its way from the branch to the roof, and the way most trees are designed, this will go right into your gutters. What’s irritating about this is that when left unchecked, tree debris can become a compounding issue. Pests and birds can come to call these blockages home, giving you multiple issues to deal with.

Another thing to keep a look out for is snow. Poorly ventilated attics tend to give off heat to the roof, leading to snow melting into the gutters. Doesn’t sound like a problem, right? Well, depending on the temperature, that water can freeze up as soon as it hits the cold gutter. Nature isn’t the only root cause, either. A poorly installed gutter is more likely to clog up in the future.

Getting The Help You Need

Depending on what exactly is in your gutters, you’re going to need to change up your approach to gutter cleaning in Lakewood. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while or are dealing with a severe clog, these issues may be beyond what you are capable of doing yourself. These circumstances are where you don’t want to take chances. Bring on skilled professional gutter cleaners like Tip Top Home Pros to fix things up, no matter what is in your gutters.

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