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For most people, figuring out what to do with your home when the snow melts and spring arrives can be a daunting challenge indeed. Do you deal with interior home cleaning or exterior home cleaning first? Is there enough of a budget to pay for all this? Take a breath for a moment, and think of these important points for prep to make sure your spring cleaning goes off without a hitch this year.

Exterior power washing services in DenverThe Spring Cleaning Starter Checklist

While this may vary, for most people, you want to think about cleaning the outdoors first. While you can make headway here and there on the inside during the winter, this may be the first time you can actually clean your exterior in months. Some good starter points to consider are:

  • cleaning storm windows
  • clearing gutters
  • pressure washing windows and siding
  • cleaning patio furniture
  • cleaning the deck
  • washing the driveway
  • cleaning exterior light fixtures

These are only the absolute basics when it comes to the outdoors. Depending on the size of your yard and the type of fixtures you have, your cleaning may be a lot more involved. If you have lots of landscaping/plant life, this also means a whole different set of tasks ahead of you to look out for dead plants and plant waste to clear in preparation for spring blooms.

One thing to think about for both indoor and outdoor cleaning is taking the time to inspect the home. Sometimes, you may not only need cleaning, but repair or other services. Be sure to take notes now rather than get unpleasant surprises.

Executing Your Plans

Of course, all these notes and factors require dedication and time to actually put into practice. As we all know, though, the best-laid plans can go astray. But even if you’re not able to put the time into your spring cleaning in Arvada that you wanted, you don’t need to feel like your time was wasted. Simply take your prep plan and leave it to Colorado home cleaning professionals like Tip Top Home Pros.

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