Your Checklist for Cleaning During the Spring

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Cleaning is a year-round job, but different scenarios call for different types and approaches to cleaning. A great example is spring cleaning service for your windows or the entirety of your house. This change is particularly important because many different parts of the exterior are altered or affected by the past winter. Also, the chances are that you aren’t getting as much cleaning done during those early months. Here’s a basic checklist to make sure that everything gets done during this all-important season.

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Clean the Exterior

Dirt is an irritating constant when it comes to the exterior of your home, which is why many people turn to pressure washing for home cleaning. Of course, this could cause problems depending on your surface. For example, wood and softer materials are open to damage from pressure washing. In those cases, you may want to turn to manual cleaning, irritating as it may be.

Clean Your Deck

Wooden decks, in the same vein, have to deal with a lot of the elements. You can keep things looking better and lasting longer with regular cleaning. Again, you may want to use a softer pressure washer or manually clean with a scrub brush for more delicate surfaces.

Work on Your Driveway

This may be a bit difficult to handle yourself, depending on the scenario. A good start is washing down the driveway, making sure to get rid of any grass and weeds that are coming up in cracks.

Clean the Windows

Spring brings pollen and extra dirt, so you need to focus on your windows during the season. Note that using a hose may sound like a good idea, but there are minerals in the water that can stay on the windows when they dry.

When Your Work Isn’t Enough

Here’s the thing about a checklist. We are all human. Even the best plans are subject to human error. This means that you may forget one piece of your cleaning regimen. This is all the more reason to partner with a company to help you with your cleaning process.

From window cleaning in Lakewood to gutter cleaning in Denver, Tip Top Home Pros can help you make sure every task on your checklist gets completed.

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