How Pressure Washers Operate

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A pressure washer is one of the great tools in your arsenal when it comes to serious cleaning. Where soap and manual cleaning fall short, it can make the difference. However, it’s important to know how any tool works to get the most out of it. Here is a quick mini-guide as to how a pressure washer works.

pressure washing sevices in DenverThe Sum of Its Parts

A pressure washer is a simple machine. It is a water pump powered by an electric motor. The washer takes in water, the pump accelerates it to high pressure, then squirts it through a trigger gun. Here’s how it all comes together:

Step 1: Detergent is added to the washer from a bottle or container via a hose.

Step 2: You take another hose to add cold water. This water is filtered on its way in.

Step 3: The motor itself that powers the pump gets its power from an electric motor or diesel engine.

Step 4: The water part draws in the water and detergent to create a mixture. Most washers also heat up the water as well.

Step 5: The pump squirts out the water/detergent mixture via a high-pressure exit hose and whatever attachment you use. These attachments generally increase the pressure even further, meaning you get a better clean and waste less water.

Putting Things Into Action

Now that you know the mechanics of pressure washers, the time may come to operate one yourself. Maybe you should hold off on that, though. While these tools are great and practical, you need to know how to use it properly to make sure that:

  1. You are using it safely.
  2. You are using it properly.

This can take time and energy you don’t have, so you may want to avoid this potential issue by getting professional pressure washing help. We offer that as one of our suite of services for the Denver area at Tip Top Home Pros.

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