What Makes Windows Dirty?

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A dirty window may not hamper your visibility, but it can be an eyesore that throws off the perfect look of your home. It’s a good practice to try and tackle issues right at the source. As a result, you want not just to know how to clean your windows properly, but the potential causes that can lead to them getting dirty in the first place. Here’s what you may see.


Contrary to popular belief, rain isn’t dirty. For the most part, it’s actually very clean. However, it can still contribute to a dirty window. The first example is the environment making clean rain “dirty” via acidity and other influences. Not everyone has to deal with acid rain, but this happens. Another example is the screens themselves. Rain grabs debris from other sources and slams it against the window, leaving the dirt you may see after a rainstorm. In essence, rain makes dirty windows dirtier. This can stem from things like pollen or dirt.

Steam and grease

The wonderful byproducts of cooking may make you think of a good meal, but at the same time, this can go the other way. Over time, these particulates end up getting to the windows and building up over time, potentially leading to glass becoming difficult to clean.

Nearby streets

This may sound like a surprise, but it’s true. Homes near busy streets are near the dirt and particles that cars kick up. As a result, you may need to clean your windows more often if this happens.

Waterborne minerals

Groundwater, the type of water that comes out of your hose, has minerals in it that are fine to drink, but are left over if you use it to dry windows. As a result, a quick spray on your windows may do more harm than good.

Cleaning Those Windows

Cleaning windows in Denver is an important part of your house’s appearance overall. However, to prepare for everything that may affect your windows, you may need to bring in some outside help.

Tip Top Home Pros is the perfect partner here, offering window cleaning services and other useful work.

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