Pressure Washing to Clean Your Driveway?

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Most people think about pressure washing in terms of clearing things off the sides of their houses, but these machines have more uses than you may think. A good example is cleaning your driveway. While a driveway may not necessarily be something as visible as a wall, you still want to keep it clear. Also, cleaning a driveway gives you the opportunity to look out for debris that could harm your tires. When you want to start your pressure washing in Denver, here are a few things to keep in mind to get started.

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The Preparation Process

(Note: This particular version applies to concrete driveways. For asphalt, you can skip certain steps)

  1. Prep your driveway for washing. This basically means sweeping off any debris you can find. This isn’t so much because your pressure washer can’t clean it, but has more to do with the second step.
  2. Protect your home’s exterior. This will vary based on what is on your driveway and how well you sweep, but in general, you will want to invest in plastic sheeting and painter’s tape for your doors and walls at a minimum. This keeps them safe from debris as well as accidental paint or stain removal.
  3. Apply degreaser. Spray degreaser is used to ensure proper pressure cleaning. After spraying it, be sure to rub it in using a stiff brush or attachment tool on your pressure washer. Different degreasers are made for different surfaces, so shop accordingly.
  4. Wash, maybe? At this point, you’re ready to start washing. But there’s one other thing we want to mention.

Let’s Begin

The thing about pressure washing your driveway versus cleaning your windows or a section of your home’s exterior is that depending on your home; it may have a lot of surface area to cover. There also is the potential for damage if you don’t do it properly.

As a result, partner with a company like Tip Top Home Pros. We offer pressure washing and other services to let your home look its best at all times.

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