Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips by Home Service Pros

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Every year, millions of Americans are hurt and injured due to not practicing the proper safety protocols in regards to cleaning their gutters. Gutter cleaning is important, as many Denver residents well know, but it’s not worth risking serious spinal injury or untimely death. The safest way to clean your gutters is by contacting gutter cleaning professionals in the Denver area that offer gutter cleaning services. No one risks serious bodily injury by making a phone call, but for those that do clean their gutters themselves, taking the proper safety measures should be a top priority.

Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips for Denver Homeowners

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While the use of a ladder is remarkably intuitive, risk assessment isn’t. The majority of homeowners simply trollop up their ladder and start digging right in. This obviously isn’t the best practice, and there’s a reason why gutter cleaning professionals, use high quality, sturdy ladders with small shelves capable of at least managing a five-gallon bucket for storing debris. Also, gutter cleaning professionals tend to work in pairs to ensure that there is someone there in case something does go wrong. Wooden ladders or orchard ladders are not ideal candidates for cleaning gutters. Fiberglass ladders are the sturdiest option.

Pistol grip spray nozzles are ideal for hosing out the interior of the gutters and making the sure that everything is draining properly.

Gutter scoops also make this process much easier. They’re cheap and made of plastic, but strong enough to remove the debris without mangling the gutters.

A thick suede glove material to protect your hands is also recommended.

Remember, when you’re cleaning your gutters, you don’t have to go it alone!

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