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Professional Window Cleaning Services in Denver

You may not do windows, but here at TipTop Home Pros, we certainly do. One question that we often get asked is how is how do professional window cleaning services differ from simply taking some Windex and a roll of paper towels to your windows. The trick, of course, is having the best tools available for the job. Perfect, streak-free windows, are within anyone’s grasp, but often the effort and expenditure of finding the right materials, and doing the work yourself, is more than what many folks have time for.

clean window, window washingProfessional Window Cleaning: A 3 Step Process

The basic trick to it is covering the entire surface of the window with the cleaning solution. You’ll want to use the sponge side of your squeegee to coat the window in the cleaning solution. Once the window is covered, remove the sponge from the squeegee. From top to bottom, run the rubber side of the squeegee down the window, removing the liquid cleaner. You’ll want to wipe the squeegee completely dry after each stroke. This is what prevents unsightly streaking, and separates the pros from the amateurs. Afterward, if there is any liquid left behind, you’ll want to dab it up with a clean, dry cloth.

Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not exactly rocket science, but there is a right way to do it, and when it’s done properly, the window looks nearly invisible. You’ll want to be extra careful because you don’t want to walk into it. It’ll be so clean; you won’t even see it’s there!

Let TipTop Take Care of Your Windows… Like a Pro

Visit our website for more information about power washing and its many benefits, or to make an appointment. We are here for you and hope to hear from you soon. Call today at 720.507.7325!

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