Ice Dams: What They are and Why They’re Important

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Winter is upon us, and with that in mind, it’s going to be essential to be on the lookout for ice dams. What are those? Ice dams form around the edge of your room. They can damage not only the roof, but also your gutters, and if they get bad enough, they’ll damage the inside of your house as well. This kind of damage is widespread in the Denver area, and most folks don’t want to be up on a ladder in the middle of winter.

Gutter cleaning, Gutter Maintanance

Cleaning gutters filled with leaves and sticks.

One of the main causes of ice dams in the Denver area are gutters that have been insufficiently cleaned in the fall. The backed up leaves causes the water to pool in the gutters, and it never drains properly. Afterward, it freezes in the gutter, and when it snows on top of that, you get an ice dam.

Ice Dams are Potentially Dangerous

If you’ve ever seen A Christmas Story, then you know why ice dams are dangerous. They cause massive icicles to form and as Ralphie’s mother tells him: “Those things have been known to kill people.” On a more serious note, they can cause severe damage to your roof, and once the snow and ice melt, all that water is going to leak out creating serious problems to the foundation of your house.

Beyond that, the ice dam will melt, seep into the shingles, through the insulation, and into your home. That will cause damage to the roof, and interior damage to ceilings, floors, and walls. It’s a major problem that can be solved easily, by properly treating your roof, and making sure you’re gutters are always cleaned. Tip top provides gutter cleaning services throughout the greater Denver area.

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