Power Washing versus Pressure Washing

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Many Denver Area homeowners believe that power washing and pressure washing are two terms for the same thing, and while they are very similar, there is one fundamental difference between the two. Power washing uses heat, while pressure washing uses focused high-pressure water (without heat). While the debate between advocates for either method can get rather heated, the fundamental question always boils down to what specifically you are using the heated water on and when it’s more appropriate to use a pressure washer.

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Washing the house front entrance stair steps and stone walls with pressure power washer

Power and Pressure: The Difference is Heat

The addition of heat to the water ensures that power washing is indeed the more powerful option. But, there are many circumstances in which too much power is not necessarily a good thing. For instance, if you’re washing off a driveway or a deck, these are two surfaces that are meant to take a lot of abuse. Your siding, on the other hand, needs a gentler touch. In that instance, you would be better served by using a lower pressure to wash with, and avoid heat, as it can do more damage to a paint job than a simple spritz of water would.

Using too much pressure on vinyl siding or stucco can do a great deal of damage to your home that would then require expensive repairs. Meanwhile, low pressure on a pressure washer would likely not do a deep enough clean on many driveways or decks.

For Denver homeowners, protecting your most prized investment is naturally of paramount concern, but there are many subtleties to the process of pressure washing that can end up costing you more money in the long run.

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