4 Ways Clogged Gutters Damage Your Denver Home

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Denver Area Homes Can be Ruined by Clogged Gutters!

Most folks don’t even notice their gutters; not at least, until it’s too late. But clogged gutters have a major impact in causing all kinds of damage to the home, and some of the damage that they can cause will render your property value no better than the land it stands on. That’s become prospective home buyers are very unlikely to purchase a home that has severe structural damage, which is exactly what a clogged gutters can cause. TipTop Home Pros can provide gutter cleaning services to your Denver home!

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#1. Clogged Gutters Can Ruin the Foundation of Your Home

It’s true. Once the gutters begin overflowing and the soil that is up against the foundation of your home becomes saturated, water starts pooling there. By the time you notice your basement flooding, the problem has gotten out of control. Over time, the pressure caused by the water will cause the walls of the basement to sink in and crack, and by that point, you’re headed for a disaster of epic proportions.

#2. Clogged Gutters Destroy Your Gutters

More specifically, clogged gutters will rot the wood that holds the gutters in place, meaning if the gutters stay clogged for too long, then they’ll need to be replaced eventually.

#3. Landscape Damage

Most of your landscaping is likely right around your the exterior of your home, which is precisely what your gutters are designed to protect. When water builds up and pools there, it drowns the flowers and bushes and crushes them at the same time.

#4. Ice Dams

Ice dams build up in the colder weather when the water freezes and unfreezes. This tears up the gutters leaving holes and damaging the surrounding area.

Let TipTop Clean Your Gutters this Autumn

TipTop provides the Denver area with top quality gutter cleaning services. Visit our website for more information about our prices, or to make an appointment. We are here for you and hope to hear from you soon. Call today at 720.507.7325!

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