Renew Your Home’s Looks with Pressure Washing

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Knowing the Power of Pressure Washing

It took plenty of hard work on your part to buy your beautiful home, and although it may not be that obvious, that same house is taking a beating day in and day out. Dust builds up, grime and bacteria begin to deteriorate your concrete driveway, wooden deck, roofline, paint, etc.  The results can be devastating enough to cause concrete to crack, walls to grow mold and bacteria build up, and the overall devaluing of the structure.

These are some ways to prevent home depreciation by pressure washing your house!

Pressure Wash the Exterior Walls of Your Home

Paint jobs are guaranteed for an average of ten years for the most part before homeowners must begin to think about a new house paint job. Washing the exterior walls helps keep the life of the paint by not allowing bacteria to build up.

Bacteria can create cracks in the paint, allowing for mold to inhabit the wood or interior of the wall, making it unpleasant to you or even to your health. It also can cause a faster deterioration of the home’s aesthetics, thus affecting its value.

Bring Life Back to Your Wooden Deck or Concrete Driveway

Wooden decks are exposed to the elements year long, and this can cause them to crack, warp, and become structurally unsound, making it unsafe to walk on. Even treated wooden decks can suffer from element exposure, so it is necessary to pressure wash them at least once a year. Same goes for concrete driveways.  The consistent use of this entrance wears out the surface of the same leaving it exposed to possible cracks, erosion, discoloring; affecting its structure.

The same goes for concrete driveways.  The consistent use of this entrance wears out the surface, leaving it exposed to possible cracks, erosion, and discoloring, affecting its structure.

Tiptop Home Pros Safety Experts

Yes, safety first! It is an essential part of the power washing process, and this is a great reason to call us, visit our website for a free estimate, and to schedule an appointment with us. Our experts have the experience and training necessary to not only professionally care for your home but also do it with safety in mind.  Allow us to handle the details involved in caring for the exterior of your house.

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